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The Ultimate Guide to Marriage and Family Theories
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The Ultimate Guide to Marriage and Family Theories
compiled by Debbie King Mabray, MS, LMFT, LPC, CART
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1           Family System Theory
2           Experimental and Humanistic Therapy
3           Behavioral Marital and Family Therapy
4           Cognitive Behavioral Family Therapy
5           Brief Problem Focused, Parts 1,2,3
6           Cybernetics
7           Strategic Family Therapy
8           Systemic Family Therapy
9           Structural Family Therapy
10         Contextual Family Therapy
11         Study of schizophrenic families
12         History of Family Therapy
13         Psycho-educational Approach
14         History of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
15         Object-relations Family Therapy
16         Social Constructivism
17         Collaborative Language System
18         Narrative Therapy
19         Feminist Family Therapy
20         Family Life Cycle
21         Couples Therapy
             Divorce, Stepfamilies, Remarriage
22         Emotional Focused Family Therapy
23         Multiculturalistic View of Family Therapy
24         Ethical and Legal Issues in Marriage and Family Therapy

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