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Let's Talk to Our Kids: Successful Communication with Your Child

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Let's Talk to Our Kids:  Successful Communicaiton with Your Child
written by Debbie King Mabray, MS, LMFT, LPC, CART and Bill LaBauve, Ed. D., LPC, NCE
$16 + shipping and handling (softcover)

Dr. Bill LaBauve specializes in marriage and family therapy as well as child therapy.  Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Bill received his doctorate from Texas A&M University - Commerce.  He is a member of the American Counseling Association, Texas Counseling Association, Texas Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, and the Mid-Texas Counseling Association.  He enjoys spending time with his children, engaging in sports and a variety of outdoor activities.  Although this is his second published book with Debbie,  Ms.Mabray and Dr. LaBauve were initially published in an international journal  (Sex Education) in 2002, "A Multimodal Approach to Sex Education".
"Let's Talk" takes an eye-opening, positive look at these issues, offering gentle reminders and suggestions for improving our patterns, bonding, and creating an open, encouraging environment...Mabray and LaBauve deliver valuable illustrations of the often misunderstood messages adult behavior sends as well as what youthful actions may be trying to express.  By bridging the gap between parent and child, not only will you form a more meaningful relationship with your children, but you'll also help increase their chances for successful relationships and endeavors throughout their lives."
                                                 --Whitmore  Publishing
Table of Contents
   "Emotions" a poem by Tanya Borst
   Section 1
   Chapter 1  What Communicaiton Is and Is Not
   Chapter 2  What if I Can't Be with My Child?
   Chapter 3  Listening and Hearing
   Section 2
   Chapter 4  Being There
   Chapter 5  What Kind of Parent Am I?
                  What Kind of Environment Is My Home?
   Chapter 6  How Can I Bond With My Child?
   Section 3
   Chapter 7  Communicating with the Controlling Child
   Chapter 8  The Angry Child
   Chapter 9  Family Communication Techniques
   Section 4
  Chapter 10  Communication with the Special Needs Child

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