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About the Psychological and Marriage and Family Theory Study Guides

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We offer the The Ultimate Study Guide for Psychological Theories and the The Ultimate Study Guide for Marriage and Family Theories.These study guides are written to complement high school, undergraduate and graduate theory classes.
By using these precise and easy-to-understand study guides, theory becomes easier to understand and retain. Having been through multitudes of undergraduate and graduate psychology classes, we are very aware of the repetitive nature of theoretical approaches being taught.  Each of these study guides has  complete coverage of each noted theorist and an easy to understand explanation of each theory associated with the theorist.
The study guides are recommended for high school psychology students, those studying for the A.P. Psychology exam, as well as Bachelor, Masters, even Ph.D. candidates. The guide quickly pays for itself as you will be able to reuse it as a reference resource repeatedly.  This is a great investment for students.

The Ultimate Study Guide for Psychological Theories
$35 + shipping and handling
The Ultimate Study Guide for Marriage and Family Theories
$35 + shipping and handling

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