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The Complete Study Guide for the National Counselor's Exam (NCE)

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Passing the NCE is mandatory in order to obtain licensure. Every minute of study time should be maximized. So why waste your valuable time studying from incomplete guides?
The Complete Study Guide for the NCE is what you'll need to pass the required licensing exam. With a such high passing rates, on the first time you test, our guide is recommended to interns nationwide. 

The cost of the guide is $60 plus shipping and handling.  You may order by email, or, or by telephone, Monday through Friday, 8-6, for credit card orders:  (toll free)1.877.519.1144.

Contact Information

To order by phone, call toll free 1-877-519-1144, Adult, Child, & Family Counseling Center, M-F, 8-7.
All of these books, except for the study guides, may
be purchased at

Terms and Conditions

Most credit cards are accepted.  Call

There will be a shipping and handling fee charged to the total amount.

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